Sustainability policy of Qaimaq Technologies is the crucial component of the entire organization's activities.

Constant aspiration for growth

Sustainable development is a priority for the Board of Directors, which has formulated guidelines for sustained work.

Company principles.Since Qaimaq Technologies was founded in 2016, it has worked to improve social equity and environmental quality, proving that responsible business is good business. Operating this way, the company has been able to improve economic prosperity for itself, its stakeholders and society at large. With its tradition of integrating economic, environmental and social issues, Qaimaq Technologies understands that sustainable development is one of the most challenging issues facing the world.

Commitment. Qaimaq Technologies follow certain principles in sustainability:
• Sustainability is the opportunity we embrace
• Responsibility is the standard by which we should expect to be judged
• Accountability is the obligation we assume
• Partnership is the pathway we pursues

Therefore, Qaimaq Technologies will:
• Develop meaningful technology driven by the needs of society
• Behave responsibly, living up to the Qaimaq Technologies values, brand promise and General Business Principles.
• Continue to build and maintain trust with transparency and accountability.
• Engage and work with stakeholders inside and outside the company.

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