IT audit and assurance

Verification of compliance of IT infrastructure and internal processes to international standards. Compliance and assessment.

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IT audit and assurance

Our IT consulting practice helps clients assess risks, manage them and continue to resolve them quickly.

IT audit and assurance In the face of a changing regulatory framework and increased oversight pressure, organizations face ongoing challenges associated with risk management and adherence to ever-growing standards for processing, storing and transmitting data. At the same time, organizations are focused on managing the risks of a direct business nature, which leads to difficulties of balancing revenue growth and finance efficiency in favor of business priorities.

IT standards.In the face of these problems, risk management and IT compliance has become even more critical, since failures in IT infrastructure can lead to damage to reputation, loss of customer valuation and market share, increased confidentiality issues and high legal impact. In this environment, enhancing the importance of IT management tools is critical to ensuring proper management of the entire enterprise and its departments.

Internal IT audit

IT auditors are playing an increasingly important role in helping companies manage and respond to risk.

Internal IT audit In an era when companies from different markets and industries rely heavily on technology to succeed, IT auditors play an increasingly important role in helping companies manage and respond to risks. A key source of internal IT auditing allows an organization to manage external IT audit teams that know organizations, industries and technologies, as well as bring skills and tools to effectively and efficiently implement constructed new standards and rules for managing business processes.

Qaimaq Technologies provides Internal IT audit services to more than 100 companies and organizations in Kazakhstan on regular basis as part of IT outsource service. We have a qualified staff and more than 300 completed projects in Kazakhstan, with experience in various industries. Our IT auditors are included in all initial audit procedures with customers. They are involved in all stages of IT outsourcing, from the general analysis to the assessment of the technical documents and the development of a risks-resolution plans or reports assembly. They play an important role in helping customer's technical and business teams understand the risks of IT and impact they may have on a business.

IT outsource is core focus of Qaimaq business in Almaty, our goal is to help our customers by offering high-quality service.
IT maintenance of business systems by involvement of the top professionals of our company. Our clients no longer have to spend time and money on finding full-time IT staff and their further skills development.
IT services our company provides for maintenance of software and hardware is spread amount our customers throughout Kazakhstan.

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