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Supply of products and materials for oil& gas companies throughout Kazakhstan.

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Supply of electrical equipment throughout Kazakhstan

Electrical equipment. We supply only high quality electrical equipment in any city including: Atyrau, Aktau, Astana and Almaty. Qaimaq Technologies is engaged in supply of electrical equipment for industrial facilities throughout Kazakhstan. We offer our customers:
- Switches and fuses
- Contractors and starters
- Electrical boards and accessories
- Panels and knife switches
- Current transformers
- Counters and stabilizers
- Measuring Instruments

Supply of cable products. Also, Qaimaq is ready to offer its customers the supply of cable products. We supply global brands of electrical industry. Available and in order:
- Power cables
- Signal interlocking cables
- Control cables
- Cables and communication wires
- Self-supporting insulated wires

Personal protective equipment. Qaimaq company offers its customers only high-quality products, such as:
- Special protective clothing, clothing and reflective vests
- Gloves, Shoulders, and Wristguards
- Boots and shoes
- Safety glasses, face shields, helmets
- Headphones, earbuds and helmets

Consumables. Our company will help you in search and supply of consumables for industrial needs. Qaimaq offers its customers fast deliveries of consumables any city including: Atyrau, Aktau, Astana and Almaty. Only high quality service.

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