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IT out-staffing. Qaimaq Technologies offers IT out-staffing services in Almaty. We provide your company with a specialist or a team of professionals at permanent presence in your office and solving any technical problems of your company.

IT maintenance. In this service mode, as opposed to a IT outsourcing , you get a fully allocated resources, the constant presence of full-time specialists and reduction of infrastructure failure risks.

Advantages for each customer

Advantage of IT out-staffing

Service benefits

  • Any difficulties in personnel management are solved by us. We care about increasing the competence of our specialists.
  • We pay the cost of tax deductions on your behalf
  • We care about security of your company's data and provide controlled access without losing information.
  • We help you replace unnecessary expenses on inefficient number of IT personnel.
  • Centralized storage of information allows you to keep clear reports and tracking on completed works.
  • In case of a specialist’s leave, Qaimaq provides another professional staff or team to solve your problems without consequences for your business.
  • Working with Qaimaq as a legal entity - you get a greater degree of responsibility under the contract, rather than with an individual specialist.

Дополнительные преимущества для каждого клиента

IT outsource is core focus of Qaimaq business in Almaty, our goal is to help our customers by offering high-quality service.
IT maintenance of business systems by involvement of the top professionals of our company. Our clients no longer have to spend time and money on finding full-time IT staff and their further skills development.
IT services our company provides for maintenance of software and hardware is spread amount our customers throughout Kazakhstan.

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